Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adoption Reminders Everywhere

As we started on our adoption journey, we had a good idea that there would be many things that constantly reminded us of adoption. Whether we're out at a local mall, reading the newspaper, or watching t.v., we're see many things that make us think about our adoption journey. For example, Laura got me a puzzle-a-day desk calendar. A few weeks ago, the puzzle showed the word "Korea", with each of the letters written in a very fancy way. The letters were so fancy that it wasn't readily apparent that the word was Korea. What made the puzzle even more interesting was that when you flipped the word upside down, it spelled a different word. In this case, the word was "America". Whether you believe that it was a coincidence or a sign from God, it was pretty amazing to see something that reminded us of our adoption, but in a place where we least expected it.

Today was another day where a reminder came out of left field. We were watching The Amazing Race and a commercial for California milk came on. Laura was chatting on FaceBook and immediately her attention was drawn to the television. The commercial was of a cow from Korea that wants to travel to California. The cow's name is Soo. Most of the commercial is in Korean, with subtitles in English. We really enjoyed the commercial and found it very cute (and funny). If you want to see it, check it out at the following web site:

It's amazing to see so many reminders of our adoption and Korea. Who knows where the next reminder will come from.

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